Ankole-Watusi CST Ranch, LLC

Watusi For The World

The 200 acre family ranch is located on the shores of the Santa Fe Swamp in North Central Florida in Keystone Heights, 50 miles SW of Jacksonville, and enjoys perfect year-round weather for raising cattle. We specialize in Foundation Pure Ankole Watusi, Native Pure Watusi and Longtusi Cattle.

We are Members of the World Watusi Association and support the goals of preserving the Ankole-Watusi throughout the World. This majestic animal had its beginning in Africa and today its range has expanded to Europe, Asia, Australia, North and South America.

CST Ranch has benefited from the 30 plus year history of the early pioneer breeders who brought the Watusi breed to N. America, organized Associations, and started the "Herd Book" of Pedigree record keeping. Through their efforts, the Foundation Pure bloodlines have been preserved and improved. Today we can purchase Watusi bloodlines that can be traced to the 1960's when they were introduced into N. America. We encourage prospective breeders to join the WWA.

Horn size has increased and color patterns have been altered to the Breeders specifications, creating the Largest Horn Cattle in the World, with solid red to flashy body colors available.

Ankole-Watusi CST Ranch
Don Morgan

PO Box 1208, Keystone Heights, Fl 32656
352-577-4149 (cell)

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